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    Top 10 PTC Sites [International]

    Σημερα θα σας παρουσιασω μερικες αξιοπιστες σελιδες που πληρωνουν για να βλεπετε διαφημησεις.
    1.ClixSense - ClixSense is one of the oldest and most trusted Paid-to-Click (PTC Advertising) websites online. Members get paid to click on PTC adverts to view websites, and advertisers have several advertising options at very affordable rates.

    2.NeoBux - We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment. We specialize in incentivized traffic being the worldwide most used and reliable paid-to-click service.

    3.OpenBux - Are you looking for an extra income every month, by working online?

    4.BuxSL - Make money online viewing advertisements. Advertise your web site and get quality traffic. Instant Payments Supported!

    5.BuxTrio - BuxTrio - The Next Generation In PTC.

    6.ClickSIA - $1.00 Minimum Payout via PayPal or AlertPay

    7.Incentria - We have many years experience with operating and participating in successful get-paid-to programs; as such, we have a reputation to keep and will go out of our way to keep members happy! That means reliable payments, quick support and excellent website reliability and uptime.
    Are you ready to start making money online with little effort? We are an ideal get-paid-to website that you can trust. We have been around for a while and we actually pay! Don't waste your time with scam sites, join Incentria today and start earning real cash now!
    8.Bux-Matrix - Bux-Matrix avertising
    9.BUXP - BUXP is one of the largest revenue sharing networks of its kind, providing excellent earning opportunities for our affiliates, and high quality website advertising solutions for our advertisers.
    10.InfinityBux - Quickly & Easily Make Money Online for FREE. Yes, you can benefit from our site right now! View payment proofs in the forum.

    Θα ηθελα να μου πειτε αν χρησιμοποιειται καποια απο αυτες τις ιστοσελιδες και αν σας εχουν πληρωσει, ανταμειβοντας σωστα την δουλεια σας!